Individual Reflection

Day 1 of NTU-flagship programme 

Teo Tze Shaun:  From the fastest ball challenge, I learnt how to apply trigonometry in real life as well as the conditions for an object to move through water downwards, such as: the weight, shape, and density. I would like to try other activities such as this as it was fun and enjoyable. We also saw how a 3d printer works which was interesting as I have been wanting to see it for a long time.

Thomas Alba: It was fun yet tedious as we used the trail and error method to find out the angle to get the fastest speed. We had to use teamwork and a bit of luck to do the challenge. It was a good example to show that theories sometimes do not work in reality. I hope I get more chances in similar activities

Russell Koh: It was an interesting example to what I can expect if I were to join  NTU. The lessons were fun, interesting and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. On that day itself, I learnt about newton's second law, how to extract caffeine from drinks and what is caffeine's pure form.

Ryan Hong: As we went to NTU, we were excited as we went for the fastest ball challenge, we realised that teamwork is very important and essential to succeed, so as a team, we effectively made many trial and errors and even managed to overcome our differences and became good friends and achieved 2nd place in the competition.

Day 2 of NTU-flagship programme 

Teo Tze Shaun: This lesson was informative and I got to see pure caffeine for the first time in my life. I also learnt the dangers of caffeine and the process to obtain caffeine from tea leaves. This lesson was fun because we got to experiment with different lab apparatus and chemicals that we never used before in school.

Thomas Alba: This was informative and we had to be as accurate as possible in our experiment. It was interesting handling the lab equipment and doing the procedures. I learnt that we should be careful of impending dangers that could happen, example for this experiment we had to be careful handling the equipment, as we might get burned or hurt others

Russell Koh: We finished up our extraction of caffeine from the tea bag and it was quite an interesting lesson as we finally saw the pure form of caffeine except that it has some impurities in it therefore it turned out green. It was really a once in a life time experience. 

Ryan Hong: Today, we went for the extraction of caffeine from the tea bag experiment and had a lot of fun trying to figure out what we were doing and blowing air into our gloves as it was very hot and sweaty. At last we realise that caffeine was not dark in colour but was actually a light green powder which was pretty cool.

Day 3 of NTU-flagship programme

Teo Tze Shaun: 

Thomas Alba: It was interesting finding out what my piers did for the other projects. It was an exciting camp and I wish I get another chance to have it. From the facilities to the experts, I am thankful that SST and NTU collaborated and gave us a wonderful 3 day camp for us

Russell Koh:It is really quite amazing to see what the rest of the level has done like the amazing flying device etc. I really appreciate the fact that SST and NTU and tied together and I got the opportunity to visit the school. I really hope to have the opportunity to go there and study again. 

Ryan Hong: 

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