Fastest Ball Challenge:

Obtained angle: 30.2°


1. We are required to use trigonometry for this experiment, so we have to decide whether to use:
    - TOA,
    - CAH, or
    - SOH

2. The O (opposite) is what we will get from the angle and we do not have it now, so we are unable to use it in our calculations.

3. Therefore, the only method which does not include the opposite is CAH. We will use this for our calculations.

4. Using a ruler, we found that the lengths of the ADJACENT and the HYPOTENUSE is:

     H: ()cm
     A: ()cm

5. Using the inverse cosine, the formula that we obtained is cos-1(

6. The angle which will provide us with the fastest timing is 30.2°

Fastest Dive Challenge:

In this challenge, we were required to select from a few objects which we think would travel through detergent in an upright tube the fastest.

The objects were divided into 2 categories: Heavyweight and Lightweight

Heavy weight
We had to decide between the most water dynamic or the heavier one. I the end we chose the heavier one as even though the other one was more water dynamic, it would be slower as it is lighter even if it falls at a constant pace.

Light weight
 As we saw in the heavy weight competition, the heavier one is superior to the more water dynamic one so we tried the heavier one and were also rewarded as the heavier one was water dynamic.

Extraction of caffeine:
In this experiment, we are supposed to extract pure caffeine from tea leaves or tea bags and after we were done, we were left with the final form of caffeine which was green in colour because of the impurities in it whereas pure caffeine is white in colour.

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